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Entertainment plays a key role in opinion moulding and the spread of certain agendas. The United States global influence since 1945 after the Second World War has been made possible due to the gargantuan influence of Hollywood. America is projected as the most desirable place to live on earth which explains the massive pull into it by people from all over the globe simply because they want to have a first-hand taste of the good life.

The ugly part of America – homelessness, frequent gun violence, expensive healthcare and education, credit system which shackles the average Joe Bloke with loans that his descendants may have to help them repay, high cost of living in states like California and New York – California has arguably the highest rate of homelessness there and one of the highest in the world, There was a report that some regular apartments in Manhattan, New York now go for $5000 monthly etc are carefully edited from what Hollywood shows you and wants you to believe about Uncle Sam.

In the battle against stigmatization of the African mentally challenged, entertainment is an extremely potent tool to drive the discussion of it which hitherto is tragically still a taboo even in the 21st century.

A new sitcom ‘Sisi Eko’ – a romantic comedy series made its debut on July 5, 2022 and addresses the thorny issue of mental health and anxiety. It shows on African Magic 151 on DSTV at 9 pm on Tuesdays.

According to brand crunch, the cast are:

Chinonso Arubayi
Chinonso Arubayi is a seasoned actress, TV host and producer. She has featured in numerous movies and made her producer debut with the film, I Am Nazzy, earlier in the year. In Sisi Eko, Chinonso plays the lead role of Sisi Eko, a young lady who loves to have a great time and doesn’t care much about working hard to maintain her high-end lifestyle.

Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekiru, popularly known as Oga Sabinus, is a Nigerian comedian, content creator, and actor. Sabinus plays Boniface. In May, the comedian won the Best Online content creator award at Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards 2022.

Omotunde Adebowale-David
Popularly known as Lolo1, Omotunde is a radio presenter, a comedienne, and a Nollywood actress. Apart from her radio skills, Omotunde is known for acting in different English and Yoruba movies, most notably Jenifa’s Diaries, where she played ‘Adaku’.

In Sisi Eko, Lolo1 plays Madam T, the mother of Sisi Eko and Kike, who always tries to pair her daughters of marriageable age with eligible bachelors.

MC Lively
Sani Michael Amanesi, popularly known as MC Lively, is a comedian and plays the natural comic role of Hakeem, the gateman. The Edo native has featured in many Nollywood movies, including Seven and a Half Dates and The Fate of Alakada.

Esther Agunbiade
The ex-BBNaija housemate from the “Pepper Dem” edition plays the role of Kike, Sisi Eko’s younger sister. Kike is the opposite of her older sister. She is a hardworking lady who takes her wedding planner career very seriously.

This is highly commendable as entertainers are change makers which explains why politicians and public policy makers use them to sell their ideas to members of the public.

Without sounding prophetic like the legendary Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, I foresee a more inclusive and tolerant society where the stigmatization of the African mentally challenged would be reduced to the barest minimum and where patients would have a loud voice to freely express themselves without any fear of a backlash. This I have seen and will contribute my modest quota towards making it a reality even if it doesn’t happen in my lifetime.

Well Done to the Producer, Director and the entire cast of Sisi Eko!

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