Blacks in the United States are akin to endangered species. When they don’t face police brutality – the popular case of the death of George Floyd in the hands of a Caucasian policeman comes to mind which not only sparked global outage but led to the Black Lives Matter Movement that transcended beyond the shores of Uncle Sam. They also battle with racial discrimination which badly affects their employment chances and career advancement as well as being the target of the cruel and biased legal system that strips them of everything they have laboured so hard to acquire over the years at the slightest provocation.

It is really a hard task being black in the world’s supposed most diverse and inclusive society and so there is the need to adequately safeguard one’s mental health as a black person so as not to go bonkers as the brutal system would coldly move on even when it crushes you.

Some of these lifesaving apps are:

Shine: This is a self-care app that assists its users to rest and heal through the trials and challenges of life most of which aren’t of our own making. It greatly helps to lift depressed spirits, feeds the mind with a gargantuan dose of positivity and aids a much better amount of sleep which is necessary for the optimal functioning of the brain.

It was created by the duo of Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi and it also teaches breathing as well as meditation techniques. It also includes daily meditations, virtual workshops and weekly courses.

Liberate: This wonderful app provides a sturdy platform for discussions and meditations specifically targeted at issues affecting the black community. It developed meditation aids that improves the overall quality of life with regards to mental health. It places a very high emphasis on meditation and provides tips for the black community to be able to do so.

Its creator is Julio Rivera and it boasts of over 200 topics taught by black teachers who help improve greatly the ability of the blacks to successfully meditate which is a useful tool in tackling their day-to-day challenges in the harsh world that they live in.

Exhale: This is strategically targeted at women of colour to cope with the glaring and ever-expanding racial injustices that they tragically have to contend with in the supposed ‘God’s own country.’

It is an emotional well-being app for women created by Katara McCarty and creates the atmosphere to release what you no longer need and replace it with what the app aptly calls ‘soul medicine’. Soul Medicine is medicine for the depths of your soul which includes love, healing and positive energy. As women of colour in a largely racially prejudice society, the system is designed to brutally oppress them and this app provides a soothing balm for refuge and healing.

Ayana Therapy: This great app matches people from marginalized communities with highly qualified therapists who share their cultural traits and feel their pains. The means of communication is virtual. The new users take a questionnaire that enable their best matches. Founder and CEO, Eric Coly saw the need for better mental health in the workplace, schools and society at large and created this app to fill in that huge lacuna. It provides therapy for couples, families and groups.

Alkeme: it comprises a catalogue of live stream and on-demand contents consisting of mental well-being techniques, practices and guided meditation sessions hosted by mental health professionals trained to meet the needs of the black communities.

Africans in the Continent deceived by Hollywood think that it is all rosy for their estranged brothers and sisters in the US. However, it is not yet uhuru for the blacks in America even after the abolition of slavery and the election of Barack Obama in 2008 as the first Black President of the country. The aforementioned issues raised above is still the fate of the average black man and so we are happy that these apps – a wonderful product of technology were created to bring joy to the hearts of millions of emotionally battered blacks who in most cases don’t feel an ounce of love from the ruthless and loveless American system especially its capitalism that makes a vast majority of them struggle ad infinitum at the bottom end of the spectrum with little hope of exiting the rat race. If a whole Obama who was a successful Harvard trained Lawyer and politician only finished paying off his student loans shortly before his election as President, what is the fate of the millions of blacks who saw education as a means of upward social mobility but had their hopes as well as aspirations for advancement cruelly dashed by the brutal system that takes no prisoners?

I heartily recommend the immediate downloading of any or a deft combination of the apps for my black brethren resident in the US so that they can stay sane.

A big thumbs up to its creators!

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